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  • 5 Total Collegiate Conference Championships

  • 3x Conference Championships as a student athlete

  • 2x Conference Champion as a college Coach (Lagrange College)

  • 3x Conference Champion Tournament MVP

  • 2011 Player of the Year

  • 2x All American

  • 2x All South Region Team

  • 2008 Freshman of the Year

  • 4x All Conference

  • Maryville College 2nd All Time Leading Scorer

  • 1,000 point Club

  • Maryville College Excellence in Athletic Achievement Award

  • Maryville College record holder for most 3-pt. field goals made in a season (94)

  • Only player in both Maryville College and Conference History to win Conference Tournament MVP as a freshman

  • Only player in both Maryville College and Conference History to 3-peat as a Conference Tournament MVP

  • 1,943 Career Points (2nd in Maryville College History)

  • 1st 4x All Conference Player in Maryville College History

  • 24.1 Points Per Game (#7 in the Nation)

  • .472 3pt% (#8 in the Nation)

  • 3.6 3pt field goals made per game (#6 in the Nation)

  •  4.48 fg %

  • 1st Professional Basketball Player from Kennesaw Mountain High School

  • Top Division in Iceland, Romania, and Brazil


Eryk Watson is Cobb County native who played his high school basketball at Kennesaw Mountain. He went on to play at Maryville College in TN where he graduated with a degree in Business & organizational Management. After his Collegiate Career he played Top Division on the FIBA circuit in both Romania and Brazil.


Eryk started playing basketball at the age of 5. Through hard work and dedication, he was able to play at the professional level on the international circuit. Throughout the many different chapters of his basketball career, Eryk was always driven to find out what it would take for players to reach the next level.  He has obtained one of kind basketball knowledge from being recruited as an athlete, competing as an athlete, coaching at the collegiate level, to assisting families with the college admissions process by serving as a college admissions counselor.


Eryk’s goal is to share his basketball knowledge through training and advising. He has a strong passion to see players reach their full potential and accomplish their basketball goals. Many athletes and their families have goals of reaching the collegiate level in which Eryk is all too happy to help. As time flies by, the recruiting process can be a lot to handle at one time. Especially for the families of only children or families going through the recruiting process for the first time. It is essential to find the right fit between player, coach, and school for long term success. Therefore, E33 Sports was founded.


E33 Sports will not only train athletes with their craft, but teach these athletes and their family’s important information in regards to recruiting and getting into college some of which consist of:

  • Getting on the recruiting radar

  • How to talk to Coaches

  • What Coaches are looking for

  • Questions to ask

  • And More!

Through experience, Eryk strongly believes that proper technique, basketball IQ, and excellent practice habits are the main tools needed to compete with anyone.

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